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2010.11.12 21:38:45 (301.)
I just thought it was cool and I sold my 3 old VWs when I left the US. I just wanted to buy something fun here that I could not get in the US.
2010.11.12 22:04:42 (302.)
How often do you guys have club meets?
2010.11.12 22:10:49 (303.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.12. 22:04:42

3-4 times a year

1 big, three days long meeting usually at the 3rd weekend of July
and other 3 seasonal meetings (winter, spring, autumn)
2010.11.12 22:12:05 (304.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.12. 21:38:45

Good choice :)
Are you goint to repair it by yourself?
Did you have VW Beetles?

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.12. 22:04:42

Usually 4 times a year.
Our biggest meeting is in July in every year.

If you click on "Válasz erre" under the post you want to reply to, we'll who you answer :)
2010.11.12 22:17:30 (305.)

Előzmény: Andrei @ 2010.11.12. 22:10:49

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.12. 22:12:05

Nice, well hopefully I'll be able to make it to one soon.

I had a 1965 type 1 Beetle, 1967 type 3 fastback and a 1962 type 3 double cab truck
2010.11.12 22:25:24 (306.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.12. 22:17:30

In this case you are familiar with the old, simple technologies, so the 126 cannot be a big surprise :) Your only problem can be the quality of spare parts.
2010.11.13 12:34:05 (307.)

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.12. 22:25:24

Are there any good suppliers of parts you can recommend.
2010.11.13 12:36:37 (308.)

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.12. 22:12:05

Yes I am an aircraft mechanic so working on these cars should be quite simple. The only thing I do not do myself is paint and machining.
2010.11.13 16:07:55 (309.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.13. 12:34:05

There aren't too much suppliers left on the market. The big Hungarian car parts networks sell nearly northing nowadays for old East European cars.
Only a few small suppliers left who purchase parts directly from Poland. Our primary partner is (at this moment their webshop seems to be down, it doesn't show any part, probably this'll be fixed soon).
But it's getting harder day by day, as you might now, the production of 126 was stopped in 2000, so more and more parts not available in original, and just low quality aftermarket parts are available - if any.

nyuszy szerkesztette 2010.11.13 16:08:43-kor.
2010.11.13 17:13:29 (310.)

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.13. 16:07:55

What about from the UK, Italy & Germany? Seems to be a lot on offer do you have any experience with these?
2010.11.13 17:47:09 (311.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.13. 17:13:29

Some of them are Italian parts, but it's quite rare. In Italy the 126 was just produced in the 70's, and later the Polish version was sold there with a different brand. The water-cooled version (BIS) and the last 10 years model (EL and ELX) was produced with the brand Fiat (without "Polski" ) but only in Poland - as it is normal nowadays at each brands :)
On the other hand, if you buy from West Europe, it will be much more expensive than from Ploand, because there this model was always rare.

nyuszy szerkesztette 2010.11.13 17:47:20-kor.
2010.11.13 19:57:46 (312.)

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.13. 17:47:09

Thanks for the info. It will be interesting getting parts when I take it back to the US. That's why I want to make sure I build this one for reliability not get crazy chasing speed.
2010.11.13 20:15:19 (313.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.13. 19:57:46

To reach higher speed you definitely have to swap engine and gearbox :)
The owner of Motopol is registered on this forum too, his name is Gáspáry László. I think you can agree with him to send spare parts to the US, the shipping cost will be the same as from Germany.
When will you travel back?
2010.11.14 11:54:40 (314.)

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.13. 20:15:19

I will be here for at least 2 years.
2010.11.14 16:09:21 (315.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.14. 11:54:40

Then you have time to attend our meetings :)
2010.11.15 19:21:06 (316.)

Előzmény: nyuszy @ 2010.11.14. 16:09:21

Definitely will!
2010.11.20 12:26:59 (317.)
Do any of you know of a good place to get new front seats? My drivers seat is broken and I desperately need a replacement.
2010.11.20 14:34:16 (318.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.20. 12:26:59

There is a little village near of Pápa: Gyarmat.
In Gyarmat is a shop with used cars, and of course with Polski Fiat.
It isn't new part, but good.
2010.11.20 14:47:27 (319.)

Előzmény: Dömi @ 2010.11.20. 14:34:16

Cool, thanks for the tip.
2010.11.20 16:31:28 (320.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.20. 14:47:27

In hungarian: Autóbontó
2010.11.28 23:08:03 (321.)

or simply remain in the bill only to the original fiat fiat bis-E and other blocks such as: Fiat 127
2010.11.29 16:36:58 (322.)

Előzmény: kisbödi @ 2010.11.28. 23:08:03

I'm sorry but I don't quite understand. Are you saying seats from any Fiat will fit?
2010.11.29 17:38:43 (323.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.29. 16:36:58

I don't understand either :)
2010.11.29 21:08:56 (324.)
Google translate :D :D :D
2010.11.29 21:20:44 (325.)

Előzmény: KeMa @ 2010.11.29. 21:08:56

Have you tried what is says when you type bödi's comment? I have. I can't understand it even in Hungarian... :D
2010.11.29 21:34:19 (326.)

Előzmény: Pety@ @ 2010.11.29. 21:20:44

Not yet.

Sometimes it's hard to understand her mother language too :D :D :D
2010.11.29 21:42:32 (327.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.29. 16:36:58

I think he wanted to say that you should use seats from similar types of vehicles: like Fiat 126 BIS or 127.
As - I suppose - he thinks they may give more comfort and it should not be such a big issue to apply them.

Personally I'm quite new to this group so I don't know. Some say the old Suzuki Swift seats can also be easily modified to fit. Of course they are a lot better in comfort and in safety than the original ones.
2010.11.29 21:54:02 (328.)

Előzmény: Pety@ @ 2010.11.29. 21:20:44

LMAO, well I appreciate his trying. I know I've tried using google translate to speak Hungarian and it left me sounding stupid.

Előzmény: jmos @ 2010.11.29. 21:42:32

Honestly I'd like to find a good set of the old style lowback seats but all I can find are the tall sport seats.
2010.11.29 22:13:19 (329.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.20. 12:26:59

Előzmény: jmos @ 2010.11.29. 21:42:32

If you look for seats that you don't need to modify to apply you'd better use original Polski Fiat 126 or 126 BIS seats. Another option to use Polski Fiat 126 "sport seats" that you can find sometimes among the ads. (Now there is a blue pair of it)
Or you can buy any kind of front seats that is not too wide to apply in the car, but than you have to work on the rails by yourself.
I hope I could help.

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.29. 21:54:02

I have a pair of them. If you're interested in it write me a mail to
If you come to our next meeting in december in Budapest, I can give it to you then.

Pety@ szerkesztette 2010.11.29 22:15:31-kor.
2010.11.29 22:15:29 (330.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.29. 21:54:02

And what about welding the old one?
Or does it looks too worn?

Factory seats are not a rarity, therey can be often found at classifications section of this page. I'll keep my eye open and send a PM if I see one.

Also: did you call the previous owner of your car? AFAIK Firefighter Peti has a large stock of 126 parts... :)
There must be an old seat somewhere in his garage :)
2010.11.30 18:03:28 (331.)

Előzmény: Pety@ @ 2010.11.29. 22:13:19

Thanks, I looked at the blue ones already but I don't really want the sport seats. What kind do you have?

Előzmény: jmos @ 2010.11.29. 22:15:29

The old one could be welded and easily repaired but I have the sport seats and I really would like to replace them with the stock low back seats.
I looked all through Peter's parts when I bought the car, he didn't have any spare seats but he does have the stock exhaust that I'd like to get from him.

Anyone interested in a trade? Sport seats for Factory low backs... The drivers seat frame has cracked but could be welded and the passenger seat is in great working condition.
2010.11.30 20:41:38 (332.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.30. 18:03:28

I have the original, old, low back seats. I have it in pair. They are not it outstanding condition, but they are fairly OK. They are 21 years old, and I can give you a pair of seatcovers made especially for these seats. The covers are blue. Tell me, if you're interested.
2010.11.30 21:45:49 (333.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.30. 18:03:28

Yeah, now I'm late :)

But if you have ANY other not stock part to replace... :)
2010.12.01 19:28:01 (334.)

Előzmény: Pety@ @ 2010.11.30. 20:41:38

Yeah I'm definitely interested. Are you wanting to trade or sale? If sale; how much?

Előzmény: jmos @ 2010.11.30. 21:45:49

Thanks, the only other thing I can think of at the moment is I'd like to swap my sport exhaust for a stock one.
2010.12.01 19:48:41 (335.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.12.01. 19:28:01

write me an e-mail to discuss the details.
2010.12.01 22:49:13 (336.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.12.01. 19:28:01

OK! Let's talk about it!
Your exhaust is probably bought :)

We are so near that we could even meet somewhere if you have some free time.

I'ill write you a PM to get in contact.

jmos szerkesztette 2010.12.01 22:49:51-kor.
2010.12.02 20:04:20 (337.)

Előzmény: Pety@ @ 2010.12.01. 19:48:41

email sent.

Előzmény: jmos @ 2010.12.01. 22:49:13

PM sent also will gt in contact over the weekend.
2011.01.28 22:50:12 (338.)
Sorry it's been so long. I have been caught up in life and work. I managed to find seats locally but you can have my old ones for free if you want. You'll just have to come to Papa to get them. Also I'd still like too trade my sport exhaust for a stock. If your ever in Papa email me ( , and we can make the trade.
2011.10.08 20:06:04 (339.)

Thought i'd liven up this thread and introduce myself :) I'm a member of the forum for 3 years now and decided to pop over here to have a look. I also have a few bits to sell and thought i'd list them here as i'd have a better chance of selling them locally.
I have a green '86 FSM 126p 650E that i restored and am a proud user of it. It's been on the road since last November after receiving its roadworthy. It was off the road for 2 years. Since then i've put about 4000km's into it without any major problems (smaller ones arose but never made me come to a standstill). I tried slalom racing with it but unfortunately flipped the car so i had to repair bodypanels (again). Apart from that it's a cool little car :)
Since i'm moving i'll have to leave the car with my parents. I'll post pictures of it later on and hope that i'll be able to buy another one in the future (and of course, tune it :) )

All the best
2012.10.24 13:06:27 (340.)
After speaking with Fiat Auto Poland: On 8-9.06.2013 will take place a rally of Fiat 126p fans, in connection of the 40th anniversary of Fiat 126p production start in Poland (Bielsko Biala)

Initial plan of event:

08.06.2013 An event in Bielsko Bia³a &#8211; visiting of the old factory FSM in Bielsko B, the current engine factory + an event in the city center.

09.06.2013 Drive from Bielsko Biala to the Auto Poland Factory in Tychy and sightseeing.

End of the event.

Usualy participants that come from far have to arrive a day earlier (07.06.2013). I will try to find a suitable place to rest for everyone.

In the meantime www site is going to be established.

People who are interested in participating please declare for the participation in the event.

Declaration is not binding and its objective is to estimate the number of people that are interested in participating in the gathering.

Please send the application form to the address CC :F


Obviously, participants who do not own Fiat 126p do not have to fill up point regarding data of the vehicle
2012.10.25 21:57:46 (341.)

Előzmény: wolf @ 2012.10.24. 13:06:27

Wow, it sounds great. When will the sign up close? Any limitations? Persons, cars, passengers?

Anyway, the correct link is below to sign up form:
2012.10.25 22:26:20 (342.)

Előzmény: wolf @ 2012.10.24. 13:06:27

We would also need some information about prices, accomodation etc.
I am sure that quite a few cars will go from Hungary if such details will be acceptable.
2013.02.07 21:49:09 (343.)
Well depends of the money, but at the moment I'm sure, that we will be there. :-D
2013.02.19 22:28:17 (344.)
By the way, will anybody join this event in Bielsko Biela from here?
2013.04.24 17:49:20 (345.)
Hello all,

If I remember well you have a big meeting on 24/25/26 - 5 - 2013.
Some people in Holland are asking me if I know more.
Could someone send me an email about the event? Place, date, cost, etc, so I can place it on our forum
Please send the email to

in advance, thank you very much,
2013.04.24 18:02:40 (346.)
Obrotka Gyula
(Budapest és Dunakanyar)

Előzmény: roefel @ 2013.04.24. 17:49:20


Check this:
2013.04.27 13:22:31 (347.)
As far I know, 24-26 May there will be a Fiat 126 fan's meeting in Jicin, Czech Republic.

Előzmény: roefel @ 2013.04.24. 17:49:20

2014.07.07 12:35:33 (348.)
Hello, I need some parts for my Fiat 126p, the nearest shop is in Szeghed but they do not have a webpage, do you know if they have an e-mail address? i want to order the parts and arrange a day to pick them up, if they do not ship to Timisoara Romania. Thank you.
2014.07.12 17:53:30 (349.)

Előzmény: Kiusro @ 2014.07.07. 12:35:33

Well, if you'd tell the shop's name, we may have the chance to help...
2014.10.20 00:23:38 (350.)

Előzmény: Kiusro @ 2014.07.07. 12:35:33

Give an e-mail for you.




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