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2009.09.24 15:35:47 (251.)
Hello,thanks. I found centomania on polimpex links so I sent a mail at to ask if somebody bought it.
Let's wait for an answer.
2009.09.24 16:28:56 (252.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.09.24. 15:35:47

Ok, but I know the owner of Polimpex, (as many other 126-owner does), so i think it would be easier to ask him directly. ;)
Cinquecento 700 is a rare version here in Hungary, so there's a very few fellaz who possibly could have bought this stuff.

petya777 szerkesztette 2009.09.24 16:29:39-kor.
2009.10.06 13:00:08 (253.)
Hi, no news by me. Centomania answered that they forwared mail to polimpex but no news till now. You were right. Maybe you can count the sold ecu on your fingers. My intention was to look for a better ignition to talk of e85. I think that it's could be interesting...
Has somebody ever tought to use? Does sombody already use or add to petrol?
Thanks in advance
2009.10.06 17:18:31 (254.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.10.06. 13:00:08

You can use the stock Nanoplex ECU if you wanna run with E85. I have the standard oldschool mechanical ignition system and I use E85 - 95 octane gas mixture without any modification on the ignition and the fuel system. It may not be the best solution, but I also use the car with 95 octane gasoline 'cuz on some gas stations they just don't sell E85, and I'm simply too lazy to set pre-ignition every time I fill the tank. :D
In this configuration, the engine runs quite well, the only problem is the cold-start: as long as the engine does not reach its normal temperature, it would choke, especially on low RPM-s. When it's warm, it runs quite good: the engine becomes a bit more silent, the idle RPM is a bit lower, and the flexibility of the engine is slightly better. With E85, it takes a longer time for the engine to reach the normal temperature, but on the other hand it would not have problems with overheating. As well, without any modifications the engine can be used, but you can't get out the extra performance that E85 could give you.

Anyway, you can try it, but I don't recommend to try this during winter, 'cuz the cold-starts would drive you crazy. With the Nanoplex ignition you can set the pre-ingition a bit further, to make cold-running a bit handful, and to win some extra performance. All you have to do is to realign the position of the TDC sensor, and find the right point with doing several test trips. The Nanoplex system is clever enough, it decreases the pre ignition if the manifold air pressure (MAP) goes down, and if you set the pre-ignition right, it will prevent you from detonation combustion, which is harmful for the engine. Good luck!

2009.11.18 23:33:12 (255.)
Hello to everybody. Well done Petya. Unfortunately ethanol was an experiment only, I used ethanol from a bottle. It isn't available everywhere. I hope for rapid diffusion in Hungary at least. I'm not an expert but I'd like to add something useful about ethanol and its stoich:
On carburattored car the conversion isn't so "flexible" as on injected one that can fit an ecu interceptor and can use every%of mixture.
You can use low %of e85 and do like Petya.
For the conversion on carburattored car it takes to fit bigger carb jets, ignition set up and spark plug "hotter". I found a calculator, of course nothing is sure and mistake can occour. For 100% e85 :spark plug +1°hot, +4° ignition advance:
LPG acessories can be useful for improvement: spark plug cables(Sentech for exemple),spark plug(as brisk).
About pre ignition set,sometimes it takes a switch only.For exemple
there's the expensive or a timing advance processor:
It isn't very clear to me but I found this too for a mechanical ignition:

To Petya:Why did you prefer old ignition instead of nanoplex?
2009.11.24 23:08:35 (256.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.11.18. 23:33:12

Hi, thanks for these links, they are really useful, especially the jetting and ignition advance calculator.
We have some companies here in Hungary which are manufacturing some E85 conversion kits for nearly all type of ECUs.

To fine tune the carb would be a bit more difficult for me, because I'm gonna put Dellorto DHLA on my engine. (It's under construction at the moment. )
The reason why I didn't use Nanoplex is simple: when I first tried E85, I only had the old type, by this time I have bought a Nanoplex, but I don't install it yet, only when my project engine is ready.
2009.12.05 17:45:28 (257.)
Hello to everybody.
I remember that there was a guide line about carbs on the old fiat&furious page. Unfortunately it disappeared. A 40 carb is used for engine over 7000 rpm.
What about nanoplex? Is it tuned that is rpm limited taken off?
Does somebody know how to do it? I'm sure that people do but I don't know how.
Next time I'll add something on e85 conversion.
Thanks to everybody
2009.12.05 18:06:30 (258.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.05. 17:45:28

That's not so simple, the same carb with 40 mm choke would do its best on different rpm ranges if you try various sizes of venturis. My carb has a 31 mm venturi, and it's ideal for 6000-6500 rpm peak power, and approx. 3000 rpm torque peak.
Does Nanoplex have an rpm limiter? That's not too happy for me. :D
2009.12.05 23:55:06 (259.)
Thanks for details about carbs. There's the rpm limiter but maybe it isn't a problem for your project. I think that nanoplex works till 600 rpm at the least. I looked for information on but nothing. You may try to mail to :F iat-126p(at)
May you look at the sponsor shop for tripod cv joint/Féltengely csukló komplett ( hardy - menesztõ helyére )? If the price is for the whole kit it's very good. It could be interesting for your project but it's recommend not to use the standard 126 clucht. It takes the disk with springs at the centre(sorry for the way of explaying) as 126 bis,fiat 850.....
Where can I find something about carbs,venturi,jets and torque?
Thanks in advance
2009.12.06 21:15:45 (260.)
Here you can find some info about Dellorto DHLA carbs:

And I recommend you to download this is a useful goodie for calculating venturi and jet sizes for Weber DCOE and Dellorto DHLA carbs:

That CV joint is a good stuff, even some fellaz who are registered on this page are using it,and they really like it. But as far as I know, at the shop it's not available at the moment. :( The price is not for a pair, it's per piece.
2009.12.06 23:08:32 (261.)
Check if you save money here:
Nearly 2 years ago price was 1/2 for the kit. I tought that was still the old price from sponsor shop.
Sometimes I visited zsiguli page. I couldn't use very well but I rember there was something about compressio ratio,fuel octane and ignition set up by an user "nandy" but it isn't avaiable yet. If you have something.... like that.
About zsiguli,is it back?
2009.12.09 17:35:13 (262.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.06. 23:08:32

Thanks for the tip!
Unfortunately the sponsor shop only can bring it on the new price. :(

That's right, on zsiguli page, there was an article by Nándi, about the water injection and alternative methanol-based fuels, and that article included some info of fuel octane, ignition and compression ratio. As far as I know, it was only available in hungarian.

"About zsiguli,is it back?"
Waht do you mean? I don't exactly understand the question. :)
2009.12.11 00:57:40 (263.)
Do they still sell the old zsiguli? Did it become euro 4 pollution?
News on nanoplex limiter? I saw polish fitting nanoplex on scooter too,peugeout elyseo. That's incredible. But nothing useful.
Somebody said that grey nanoplex have no limiter because it's in the coil so it takes to swap the coil only but They don't think so.
2009.12.11 19:26:41 (264.)
hoss karoly

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.11. 00:57:40

as far as I know ,after they saw the success of dacia they tried to sell it for nearly a kiss in western europe , - that was about six months ago - dunno if it worked out or not . they planned to keep the old chassis , and put an updated eu-conform GM injected engine in it and make a simple , reliable old-new car .
2009.12.11 23:37:06 (265.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.11. 00:57:40

As far as I know, Karoly said it right: they have tried to sell brand new pieces of 2105 and 2107 only the engine was updated to meet the Euro4 emission criteria.

I have a blue ignition unit, but it seems to me, that an other module (the cut-out module) controls the rpm limiting. This cut-out module came only with the ELX version, the ignition system of EL does not contain it. Am I right with this theory?
2009.12.12 18:00:25 (266.)
2 days ago I found a video on google then I pit the link on google to search, that's what found: :O fficial&client=firefox-a
I know about cut off module for a short time. So, let's recap:
Elx has blue module and cut off, while el has cc black or grey one without cut off module. Maybe your theory is right. You should check wires to understand what the cut-out controls. If you use google translate for the links about video you won't understand a lot but it seems something reguarding the carburator too.Does the cut-out module control the rpm limiting too ? Or is it a fuel saver only? Think about when you take off your foot from accelerator.
It's a neverending story. You'll know it when you fit nanoplex on the car. kind regards
2009.12.14 15:02:47 (267.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.12. 18:00:25

Well, it may be a fuel saver, but also funcions as an emission-controller stuff. A fuel saving device can be found even in the cars from the late eighties. They have the old type of ignition system, but int the carb, there is a solenoid valve, which cuts fuel supply of the idle jet when the rpm drops. This means, that the engine gets no fuel during engine-braking.
It was a problematic stuff, and in practice, it did not save mentionable amount of fuel, so everybody used to repalace it.

ELX and EL ingnition does not control carb, they only have a vacuum pipe to the carb, for the MAP sensor. I made a wiring diagram of the ELX ingnition, (I may send you the link, if you like it), and it seems that cut-out module is in connection with a lambda-sensor.
2009.12.14 16:11:20 (268.)
I've already found it:
I have a big confusion only. As you can see my english isn't so good like yours. You explain very well. I found some wiring diagrams here:
click on skematy el., in silnik 700 z katalyzatorem there's a 17 pin ecu that controls the carb and is in connection with a lamba sensor. It's from cinquecento 704 aisan carburatored.
I asked for a nanoplex at the junk yard but they laughed. It's too rare.
I'm thinking of a mechanical ignition with vacuum advance from 126 bis or the red ecu ignition. About the first project, do you think that can be done? Do they sell it as spare part?
Gosd luck to everybody for nanoplex. It's a polish mystery.
2009.12.14 16:50:04 (269.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.14. 16:11:20

Alright, exactly that's which I wanted to link. :D :D How did you find it?

Yeah, nanoplex is a very rare stuff, as far as I know it was only used in polish cars, such as Maluch, and Cinquecento 700. That 17-pin ECU is too complicated, and it's really unnecessary, it's just too much hassle to install it on your car. You should look for Marelli Digiplex or Microplex ECU-s, they are also 17-pin ECUs, but these are much more easy to find. (Fiat Uno, and some models of Tipo were made with this). You can also find Haynes workshop manuals for Uno, that contains the complete wiring diagram of these ignitions.

Combining a stock mechanical ignition with a vacuum advance unit, is not so simple as it looks, unless you have a mechanical braker unit with a vacuum-pipe interface. If you haven't got this type of stuff, you'd better off with an electronically controlled ignition system where the breaker's acting only as a crankshaft TDC sensor.

2009.12.15 19:41:41 (270.)
Thanks for the tip. I found the link looking for nanoplex by using google web. It was on the page following peugeout elyseo with nanoplex ignition. I'll look for digiplex microplex on zastava florida tipo engined.
However, I already know what nanoplex ignition consist of and where to find the trigger wheel and the sensor. I'm going not to talk about this ignition till I'll know everything on it. I add theese links in case they could be useful:,2/moj-elyminator-125-jezdzi-na-module-zaplonowym-od-cc-700,1756.html
Yesterday I found 2 things interesting: 126 bis ignition curve from this site:
Are there curves of other 126 models?
The second:
I didn't understand very well but it uses a hall sensor. I don't know if the distributor still uses springs and bob weights or it's a digital ignition. I understood that he wants add a vacuum advance for the future. I used goole picture to find it and that's by google translate:
See you.
2009.12.18 23:28:40 (271.)
Hello to everybody.
Did you already know ape 20ff ignition module?
It's a static digital ignition.
Bye bye
2009.12.19 08:10:36 (272.)
Gáspáry László

Előzmény: ape20ff @ 2009.12.18. 23:28:40
2009.12.19 21:33:17 (273.)
hoss karoly

Előzmény: Gáspáry László @ 2009.12.19. 08:10:36

is it static ? solid-state maybe , but static ... unless the advance is controlled by some kind of ECU .
2009.12.21 16:23:37 (274.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.15. 19:41:41

I don't exactly know the structure of the BIS ignition, but as it looks like, it has a primary rpm-modulated advance curve, and a manifold air pressure-controlled secondary curve. The primary curve is nearly the same as the air cooled 126's bob-and-sping controlled advance diagram.

On the page you have linked, the guy made the conversion to get the mechanical breaker out the system, and substitute it with a Hall-sensor, but as I see the advance control remained mechanical type (with bobs and springs).

Előzmény: ape20ff @ 2009.12.18. 23:28:40

Is it plug'n'play for a Maluch with Nanoplex ignition? What is the difference between this, and a stock blue Nanoplex ECU?

petya777 szerkesztette 2009.12.21 16:23:54-kor.
2009.12.23 18:08:51 (275.)
Hello. As you can see on ape web page thoose are the differences:
APE 20FF vs. NANOPLEX med 210A/211A/213A

NANOPLEX med 210A/211A/213A

APE 20FF (Full Fire)

1) RPM 7000 max

1) No limitation of RPM

2) Original characteristic of ignition advance angle:
from 1000 RPM.:
- 46 deg for high load
- 34 deg for low load

2) Characteristic of ignition advance angle changed
from 1000 RPM advance angle is increased for a few degrees and achieve:
- 48 deg for high load
- 41 deg for low load

3) Lower energy of spark

3) Greater energy of spark
- ignition coil receives higher current

4) Rated voltage 12V

4) Rated voltage 12V (minus on mass)

5) Supply voltage: 8V - 18V

5) Supply voltage: 6V - 18V

6) Working temperatures: -40&#186;C do +105&#186;C

6) Working temperatures: -40&#186;C do +105&#186;C
The first is reffered to nanoplex while the second to ape 20ff
Maybe Gaspary Laszlo can speak polish and could help you all better than me.
slick1(at) used to sell it and he have diagram:|0005|0002&car_id=
g.kopryna(at) made the ape 20ff.
You can ask for further infos or
If you look for ape20ff you'll find my other posts.
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
2009.12.23 19:57:29 (276.)

Előzmény: ape20ff @ 2009.12.23. 18:08:51

Thanks for the info! That 6V supply voltage does mean thet I have to change anything, if i want to install APE ignition, or can I leave all the things unchanged?
Unfortunately the diagram does not appear on the page you linked.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas for you, also! :D :D :D
2009.12.24 01:39:55 (277.)
Merry Christmas to everybody!
I save a question to ask after the Holydays.
Many wishes!
Good bye
2009.12.24 14:46:41 (278.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.24. 01:39:55

Just feel free to ask it! We're not closed for the Holidays. ;) :D :D
Anyway: Merry Christmas!
2009.12.25 17:59:20 (279.)
Hello, Merry Christmas to everybody.
Don't worry about 6v supply. It means that it takes at the least 6v to work. Apart the differences,it's exchangeable...Plug&play.
Unfortunately I can't help you better. I can give exemples:
There' something about polish tuning too: camshaft, valves from cc 704, lighter flywheel,ported and shaved head....
It isn't sure but I think that cinquecento can use 20ff without any problem while standard 126s probably don't allow too much advance, in fact I saw on tuning ones only. That's my piece of advice play with your ignition before, check set up at the idle and then if you need more much advance trythe ape.
Best regards
Happy new year!
2009.12.27 17:13:59 (280.)

Előzmény: ape20ff @ 2009.12.25. 17:59:20

I plan to run my engine on E85, so I really must have a bigger advance, if I want to get the maximum out if it. (The compression ratio will be set a bit upper as well.) Isn't just more simple, if I change the position of the TDC sensor? (Well in this case, the spark energy still would be lower, and the rpm limit would still remain, but the main problem would be solved.) I have a mild camshaft (it's somwhere around 290°), and I don't think that the peak rpm would be above 7000.

That lightened timing pulley looks nice, I've been looking for something like that, but I only found in Italy for a horrible price, and in Germany it's not so horrible, but still three times expensive than a stock one. :)
2009.12.29 23:17:50 (281.)
Hello, I found 126 bis ignition curve randomly. I understood it but my question was about other 126s ignition curve. Early model has the same advance but without the load engine dvance.
That's from the first manual:
That's from the last one:
From the manual before the last:
Well, they have all the same ignition advance but one.
What is in the picture before the last? Why are there so many curves? Somewhere there's a 126 with idle at 7°. Why? What are the differences that make change the ignition curve?
Engine is gone so I was thinking if I need a head from later model owing to unleaded fuel. Thanks for every help.
To pety777: If you look for marelli nanoplex by google picture now you'll find soon your pictures but there's a manual that can help you too:
Try google translate in english and hungarian to understand more as possible. According me it tells that nanoplex is limited at 6000rpm an that the cut off takes the signal from coil and it's a fuel saver only.
2009.12.30 17:16:19 (282.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.29. 23:17:50

The early models (600 and 650), which were also called "Standard" had a slightly different ignition advance curve, camshaft profile, and carb jetting, than the 650E, where E refers to "economic". After 1982 the standard engine was cancelled, and only the 650E remained in production. These are not so significant modifications, nothing remarkable.

You don't have to change cylinder head if you wanna run your car on unleaded fuel. The head's structure allows it. The compression ratio will not cause problem even if you use 95-octane stuff, 'cuz originally the 126 engine was designed to 94-octane leaded fuel. The lead was only necessary for these cars because the material of the valve seat. As well, the cars which were made in the '80-s, and later, can be used with unleaded without any modifications. You don't have to change the valve seats, only if you wanna go for sure...
2009.12.31 14:30:18 (283.)
Hello to everybody. Thanks a lot Petya.
Many wishes! Happy new year!
I hope everything good with the new euro money.
See you!
2009.12.31 17:46:07 (284.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.31. 14:30:18

we have no euro money, and we won't have until 2020-2030 :)
2009.12.31 19:12:03 (285.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.31. 14:30:18

Happy New Year ! : o)
2010.01.01 23:19:56 (286.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.31. 14:30:18

Happy New Year for you also! Unfortunately we don't have EUR yet. Anyway, we have no money at all. :D :D :D

Előzmény: Andrei @ 2009.12.31. 17:46:07

2050 :D :D :D :D
2010.01.02 02:28:50 (287.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2009.12.31. 14:30:18

which country is the HUM , under your name?
2010.01.02 22:27:24 (288.)
That's Hum:,_Croatia
Better don't talk of money.... I'm so rich as you.
However I'm very happy that I still have the possibility to use hungarian florint( I have got no florints stored). Prices are so good that I was warried that the change could make a mistake.
Janyboy is from the same city of katalin Vad, isn't he?
2010.01.02 22:52:51 (289.)
I'm very happy that other friends come here, in english forum.
I hope to go to hungary on a day and to have a lot of fan.
If I met girls....
IS that the ignition you told about, Petya?
See you
2010.01.02 23:08:03 (290.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2010.01.02. 22:27:24

Your town really has only 17 inhabitants? That could be the perfect place to have a relaxing holiday. As it looks, the sea is close to it too.

Előzmény: peglica @ 2010.01.02. 22:52:51

Unfortunately I can't see too much on that picture, it's too small, but I think that it's not even a 650 engine.
2010.01.03 02:21:09 (291.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2010.01.02. 22:52:51

Előzmény: petya777 @ 2010.01.02. 23:08:03

The pictures in bigger:
2010.01.03 02:47:59 (292.)
hoss karoly

Előzmény: peglica @ 2010.01.02. 22:27:24

yeah , I guess he sees her every now and then :)

hoss karoly szerkesztette 2010.01.03 02:48:29-kor.
2010.04.04 19:37:59 (293.)
Hello to everybody. What's news?
Happy Easter!
2010.04.29 14:07:39 (294.)

Előzmény: peglica @ 2010.04.04. 19:37:59

Thank you.Same to you! ;)

GRÁF MARCI szerkesztette 2010.04.29 14:08:53-kor.
2010.07.12 19:19:19 (295.)
We invite you in 25-th july 2010 in the morning from 8.30 untill 18.00 to visit Fiat Factory. It would be a Family Day in a Fiat Factory in Poland - Tychy. This day you coul see the exhibition of the Fiat 126. We are looking for Fiat 126 users, who want to come to Poland and take a part in a visiting production, see the music show and spend the time with Fiat family. Music, good meal and company- all for free!!! Send e-mail - or with your name, number plate, registration number or pasport number of each driver and passenger. I am waiting for your aplications to the end of this week. If you are looking for more informations just write for e-mail.
you can find me on
2010.07.16 19:57:32 (296.)

Előzmény: wolf @ 2010.07.12. 19:19:19

Hi Wolf,
It's a very unlucky timing :(
As you might know, this is the weekend of our yearly big meeting so I am pretty sure none of us can participate in this event, however it would be nice.
But if you'll have any other events in the future, don't hesitate to share with us.
2010.11.12 20:48:20 (297.)
Hello everyone.

I'm American Air Force that's just been stationed here in Papa and I just bought my first Polski Fiat 126p. The car has your club sticker on it so maybe some of you know the car or the former owner Peter.

Here's some pics of it

2010.11.12 20:54:31 (298.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.12. 20:48:20

Yes we know him
Firefighter Peter :)
2010.11.12 21:01:17 (299.)
Yep that's him. Seems like a real nice guy too bad he doesn't speak english.
2010.11.12 21:10:44 (300.)

Előzmény: Hammy @ 2010.11.12. 21:01:17

But we speak :)
Why did you buy this car? :)




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