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2006.11.09 11:23:44 (101.)

Is there also a copy of the english workshop manual (javítási kézikönyv) for the 126P.
Because the english manual of 126BIS is a different engine,

2006.11.09 11:32:29 (102.)
abarth #164132:
Hi, I was looking for but I never seen a translation of this manual to English. As I know in English probably the Haynes is the best available.
2006.11.09 11:34:43 (103.)
Bikádi Gábor
abarth #164132:
I like your car very much!Its beautiful! :)
2006.11.09 12:19:05 (104.)
Thanks, but does someone here has haynes scanned or something?
2006.11.09 17:03:28 (105.)
abarth #164141:
If you didn't find it on this page, then I don't think so. It's not so easy to find it. If some of us would have it scanned or something, then it would be shown on this page. Maybe we could traslate the parts you need, and email 'em.
2006.11.10 07:13:28 (106.)
Thanks for the effort, i already found one on ebay italia, for 10 euro's
2006.11.10 17:39:01 (107.)
abarth #164335:
Congratulations! That's not a bad price for it anyway.
Could you scan it for us, please? ;) :D
2006.11.10 21:29:39 (108.)
Schuldigung! Hier ist macht deutsche sprechen?? :D
2006.11.10 21:45:49 (109.)
Bikádi Gábor
CsuTee #164474:
Nein,das ist ein English topic! : o)
2006.11.10 23:32:29 (110.)
Bikádi Gábor #164481:
Warum?? Wo ist die Deutsch topic??
Ich möchte deutsche sprechen!!
2006.11.13 14:10:03 (111.)
Kiccsaj #161874:
hi thanks, and yes the front suspention is made by me
2006.11.13 14:17:39 (112.)
Kiccsaj #161874:
do you want a photo of me ore somethin else
2006.11.13 20:38:42 (113.)
István 22
alayon650 #164999:
Hy! Yes,it would be good or you could to send it to e-mail...lot of thanks
2006.11.14 13:52:26 (114.)
István 22 #165093:
ok my mail is, send me une and i will send you the photos or anythin else
2007.01.16 16:21:49 (115.)
if any body of you cajn send me the full manual of the fiat 126p, please send me a mail to
2007.02.19 13:03:01 (116.)
a gear-box is needed on fiat 850
2007.02.19 13:06:31 (117.)
who can help to get write
2007.06.11 18:11:13 (118.)
Who will come to Zvolen in Slovakia to Fiat126 meeting 6.July?
2007.06.11 19:34:33 (119.)
hanter131 #184319: Even if we had one, I don't have any idea how it could get to you. Sorry. :(

mirec_pn #201181: I think quite a few cars will go from here. But I think not as many as 2 years ago because maybe they will spare their money on our summer meeting. Do you know if anyone from there would like to come to our summer meeting on 20-22 July? ;)
2007.06.12 09:35:49 (120.)
mirec_pn #201181:
I'll be there, that's 100 %, the Zvolen 2005 meeting was undorgetable. I hope it will be similar this year.
2007.06.12 14:00:00 (121.)
mirec_pn #201181:
A couple of cars will go,according to me with 2 years before,but many people onto our summer meeting their money is held back.from among you somebody does not have a mood to come?
2007.06.12 20:20:41 (122.)
István 22
mirec_pn #201181:
we will go from piestany :) Girl and me.
2007.06.13 19:14:04 (123.)
mirec_pn #201181:
István 22 #201437:
I will go, it's as sure as hell. (I hope my car "thinks" the same way :D ) As far as I know, some folk with several cars are going from Budapest (I plan to join 'em there), and some guys are coming from the Northeast. We have no exact plan yet.

Lajoska #201285: Right, really unforgettable, but I don't remember clearly. It wuz great. ;) :c)
2007.06.18 12:15:00 (124.)
Istvan 22: I will go with my friend (maybe two 126p) and with you and Viera from Piestany. Oki?
2007.06.18 21:03:10 (125.)
István 22
mirec_pn #202323 :O k.we can go together..on friday
2007.06.18 21:16:00 (126.)
mirec_pn #202323:
And do you plan to come to our meeting?
2007.06.19 13:16:47 (127.)
nyuszy: I don't know yet. In Zvolen is my first meeting and I will see.
István 22: I will compromise it with Viera via ICQ
2007.07.30 16:09:18 (128.)
Hi everybody, does any body can send me the back lights for e polski 126p of course i will send you de money
2007.08.02 14:21:56 (129.)
Marsovszky Ákos
alayon650 #208033:
Sure, give me your mail address, and i will send mail with the prices. ;)
2007.08.11 13:25:36 (130.)
Greetings from Poland! Just have finished working on my 126p '83 bringing it back to shape it was in 83... :) you can see it here:
2007.08.11 13:34:02 (131.)
Obrotka Gyula
VictorPL #209421:
really nice work.
visit our website (, if you want to see hungarian renovations. :) :) :)
2007.08.11 14:54:44 (132.)
Obrotka Gyula #209423: Nice page...pitty that in hungarian..:(
Are you planning any meetings in HU this year? Have crazy idea to go there with my "kicsi" :)
2007.08.11 15:55:29 (133.)
VictorPL #209421:
hello,very beautiful your car,congratulate.

VictorPL #209431:
Will be a national meeting on Hungary's eastern half nearest now,accurate on Miskolc. We look forward to the runabouts arriving from the foreign countries
2007.08.11 21:20:19 (134.)
VictorPL #209431:
Ahoj. :D Ty auto velmi krásny, grat. :D
Mej se dobre je strana! :) :)
2007.08.11 22:52:49 (135.)
VictorPL #209421:Beautiful little car ;)
2007.08.11 22:57:26 (136.)
Maybe something later? is a bit too hot and unfortunatelly no A/C, 800 kms......:( But I'm now "ready" to sep or oct..if something "happens" in HU. I know one beautiful girl from Budapest that can be my co-pilot :)
If anybody needs any hard-to-find spare parts i can try to help..
2007.08.11 23:25:09 (137.)
Gabi703 #209444: Ahoy...ja sem z polska... :)
2007.08.11 23:26:18 (138.)
Cincinlovag #209449: Thank you.. :) yours is super as well.... :)
2007.08.12 03:06:57 (139.)
Gabi703 #209444:
Na I do not understand this already :D

2007.08.12 11:40:35 (140.)
CsuTee #209458: Written in Czech.. :) But positive.... :)
2007.08.12 15:54:43 (141.)
VictorPL #209472:
ja, I believed it that you are Czech you are Polska Slovak,for me these very alike :D
2007.08.12 16:49:55 (142.)
VictorPL #209421:
Nice ride, it looks really good, congratulations. Is it really a 600 cm3 model? (There's a "600" badge on the hood.)

VictorPL #209450: It doesn't seems so hot to me, there's awful shitty weather in here, so I dont't think that the temperature would kill you.
If you could get BIS valve spings somewhere, then I'd buy some. I also wanna buy some ventilator housing which fits to Panda/export cylinder head. Thanxxx. ;) :D
2007.08.12 23:59:57 (143.)
petya777 #209508: Yes, this is 600cc model..i love that engine even though max speed i had was 105km/h :) As for the parts send me a photoes or figs what you are looking..there's one friendly shop in WAW doing miracles finding some for me in the past. :)
2007.08.13 05:18:40 (144.)
VictorPL #209450:
Hi Victor, your car is really nice :)
There will be a meeting in Pécs at the weekend of 20th of October. But I think you shouldn't worry about the weather, we just arrived yesterday from Croatia, it was 1800 km with Maluch. There is much more warmer weather than in Hungary but there weren't any cooling issue.
2007.08.13 10:31:44 (145.)
CsuTee #209458:
Be waiting promptly I translate it the webfordítá
VictorPL #209453:
Gabi703 #209444:
Do you not understand Czech? :)

Your car very beautiful, congratulate.
Feel it well on the side. :)
2007.08.13 15:51:30 (146.)
VictorPL #209565: That's interesting. I always thought that the production of the 600 model was discontinued in the late seventies. Now I learned another bit of the Maluch history. :D

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the mentioned parts but I will search for some and send it via email. Or I will describe then or whatever...

2007.08.14 22:13:42 (147.)
nyuszy #209579: 20th Oct....I'm in!!!!
2007.08.14 22:18:49 (148.)
Schäffer Szilvia
VictorPL #209747:
You are very welcome :)
2007.08.15 20:20:11 (149.)
Bikádi Gábor
no zsûszpík inglish....:(:(:(
2007.08.15 23:49:18 (150.)
Don't worry, we're going to translate it.




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