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2006.02.28 06:49:06 (13.)
nyuszy #108802:
some tune´s engines, in clouser view´s is there is posible
2006.02.28 06:45:18 (12.)
hi everybody, i was talking with rafalmaxi, but, i want to meet
owners of 126 becouse i have one, my engine have 79.00 mm of piston and a big carburator, but i don have a digital camera
let me see what i can do to show the body view, the engine and some other stuff
2006.02.28 06:43:00 (11.)
alayon650 #108800:
We have lots of photos :) What kind of engine do you want to see? An original 126p 650 or some tuned one?
2006.02.28 06:37:08 (10.)
nyuszy #108799:
Hi there, dont worry, you are the first one that speaks to me
do you have photos of the engine of your car, because, i want to see it, if there is no problem, dont´t worry when i get a digital camera you can see my car
2006.02.28 06:34:01 (9.)
alayon650 #108798:
Hi there, as I know no one speak Spanish, but in English we can talk.
I recommend for you to use our English topic at Menu/Forum/English (
2006.02.28 06:27:46 (8.)
hay alguien que parle español, o al menos ingles, yo tambien tengo un 126p pero vivo en Cuba, le he echo algunas alteraciones, que me gustaria compartir con mis amigos del sitio

Alayon (Cuba)
2006.01.30 19:25:31 (7.)
rafalmaxi #102530:
I moved your post here, here you won't get Hungarian answers :)
Could you tell us something plase about getting licences in Poland for upgrading to 1.4?
Here in Hungary it's impossible. Maybe to 900, but 1.4 is unimaginable, unfortunately. :(
2006.01.30 19:17:06 (6.)
thank's any way I don't understood nothing what you said but I'm happy, aktually I changing engine for 1.4 turbo from uno turbo and I wanna put kit and chenge power something about 200 PS now is 127PS and 220 NM see you later in zvolen or some other place in hungary or slovakia.
2006.01.29 00:08:36 (5.)
Obrotka Gyula
rafalmaxi #101972:
nice. :)
2006.01.28 11:34:03 (4.)
hello can you check my web site
and say what do you think abaout my fiat 126 1.1 turbo
2006.01.25 18:20:31 (3.)
simple vintage #101302:
Greetings! Have you got any pictures of them?
2006.01.25 13:04:41 (2.)
simple vintage
i have just some vespas and one cars guys ! greetings from italy,Rome.
2006.01.15 14:08:04 (1.)
Hi 126 fans,

this is our brand new English Forum, please feel free to use :)

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